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Enjoying Nature on a warm day

I have had a great interest in birds both wild and tame since I was young. Something that has piqued my interest since the leaves have fallen off the trees leaving them bare in November is spotting wild birds on my 18-mile drive to work and back home in central Oklahoma. I deliberately drive the slower roads throughout rural areas in order to catch glimpses of birds & other wildlife,and fortunately there are several different routes that will take me to work. This morning's drive was among the best, mainly due to the weather feeling was already in the mid-50's and calm winds when I left home. My first sighting I spotted 3 whooping cranes a couple of miles from my home. Have seen them individually and often drive by their rooks that are in a cluster of tall trees near a small river. Three of them at once, cranes are gangly and make quite an effort to fly, flapping their wings non-stop, reminds me of the pterodactyls  in movies about dinosaurs...and it the image of their effort is near frustrating to watch. They make trips to local ponds and lakes to catch fish because of the extended drought and low levels on the river.  A half mile further down the road I spotted a couple dozen Canadian geese grazing the green winter wheat that has grown a bit since last week's rain. Didn't see much more for several miles down the two-lane road until I spotted a Peregrine falcon lazily sunning itself in a large bare tree near the highway. A half mile further and a large red-tail hawk was flying circles over a field looking for prey.  What a morning drive but the sightings continued at work. A couple hours into the day I heard a "chicken hawk" also known as a red tailed hawk squealing. The doves and sparrows around the building were peeping out warnings to each other.  A half-hour later I went outside for an errand and spotted four red-tailed hawks flying large intersecting circles high up in the sky. They were too high up to be hunting and seemed to be quietly socializing. They continued flying for a good 5 minutes and then as if on cue one pair of hawks started flying to the north and the other pair took off to the south.  I got to leave work a couple hours early this afternoon and spotted one Peregrine falcon sitting on a branch of a tree sitting in the 60-ish degree F. air.  Thought it was interesting day of bird-sighting for me.
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Enjoying Nature on a warm day, posted February 4th, 2013, 2 comments

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